The FAQ section of the site is here to answer some of the questions that often get asked by customers


Who needs a Sewing Form?

If you're involved in dressmaking or alterations to garments, you need a sewing form. Understanding the special requirements of sewers has helped the Adjustoform Group produce a range of products designed to suit beginners and experienced dressmakers alike. Constant research enables us to offer products with the features you have requested. A dressform will make garment making and alterations easier, more satisfying and more rewarding than you ever thought possible. It's the only sure way of achieving a really professional look to garments, whether you're making clothes for yourself or someone else.

Will a Dress Form make sewing easier?

A dressform, especially one personalised to your body measurements, helps you to check a garments fit, including placements of darts, neckline and buttonholes. It allows you to accurately mark a hemline, to see whether a garments fabric is hanging on grain, and to ensure that the seams hang straight. Apart from these more obvious benefits dressforms allow you to fit a paper pattern prior to cutting it from fabric. It also allows you to view and fit the back of a garment (nearly impossible to do on yourself!). A dressform provides a canvas on which to pin contrasting or co-ordinating fabrics as well as giving you the ability to drape fabric to create your own garment designs. A dressform is a must for ALL garment sewers!

What features can I expect to find on a dress form?

It will depend on the model you choose but will have some of all of these features Ė by looking at each specific model on our web site, you can determine which model is most suitable for your needs:

  • Split waist option for those requiring a waist lengthening feature
  • Choice of Hem Leveller, Chalk hem marker, or Pin Grip hem marker to set the hem line on your garment
  • Pin cushion
  • Choice of stand
  • Easy to set neck adjustment
  • Choice of body adjustment systems
  • Nylon cover for easy pinning and marking
  • Scale markings of stands to help set shoulder and hemline height
  • Measurements in centimetres and inches
  • Full shoulders for perfect hang to sleeves
  • Shaped thighs and bottom for trouser fitting
  • Two-year guarantee on materials and craftsmanship

Iím looking to purchase a dress form but donít really know what to look for. Any advice please?

Our dressforms are widely available in a range of sizes and feature adjustable points at the bust, waist, hips and neck. Generally they come in two versions, 4 part which doesnít have a split at the waist and 8 part which does and enables the user to make the nape of the neck to waist measurement longer.

Can I use my dressform to make trousers?

If you like to make trousers, you may consider a leg form, which in addition to combining all the standard dress form features has an offset stand to enable trousers to hang straight.

Which size should I buy if I am between size ranges?

If you find yourself in-between two different sizes, we always recommend purchasing the smaller model as you can always add padding to achieve your body shape.

How do I achieve a fuller bust?

For ladies with a fuller bust, dress the model with your own bra and pad to get the correct cup size.

What type of padding should I use?

You can use quilting wadding, bubble wrap, brown paper and even crepe bandages for the padding material.

Can you pin on the dressform?

You cannot pin directly through your dressform but you can pin to the fabric that covers the dressform.

How much is carriage?

Carriage to UK addresses is included in the price shown in our online shop.

My model is not suitable, can I return it?

If you have purchased your model from our online shop you may return it but it would be at your own cost, and you will need to use a service that can provide a Proof of Delivery. You must contact our office in the first instance on 01233 625227 to discuss this. If you have purchased your model from another source, please contact them to discuss their returns policy.