While you’re probably keen to get stuck in right away, it’s important to make sure that you’re using your dress form properly. Below you can find some helpful tips and tricks to really get the most out of it!

I’m between two sizes, which one do I pick?

You go ahead and measure yourself only to find you sit perfectly between two sizes and now aren’t sure which to one go for?

We always recommend picking the smaller dress form.

While you can go along and pad a dress form bigger and more reflective of your individual body shape, you can’t pad a dress form smaller!

What can I use to pad a model with?

Anything and everything!

The most common is using a bra to pad out the bust area on our female forms but we’ve seen quilters wadding, crepe bandages, bubble wrap, even a yoga mat!

We recommend using a well-fitting garment to help guide you to pad to your body shape.

How do you use a hem marker?

Most of our models feature a ‘Pin Grip’ hem marker.

To use this, first off you should decide on the appropriate height of your hem, and raise the hem marker attachment to the approriate level (you can do this by moving the little handle to lock and unlock the hem marker).

Once the hem marker is in position, close the grip around the fabric and slide a pin through the aligned holes. Once the pin is through, open the grip and rotate the body. Repeat until you have a set of pins marking the hem.

Are your products made in the UK?

All of the products on our website have been manufactured by our lovely team in Kent.

What are the differences between thumb wheel adjustment and dial adjustment?

In terms of functionality, they achieve the same thing.

Thumb wheel adjusters work by scrolling the wheel, up to close and down to open.

Dial adjusters work by hold in the white switch and rotating the dial, left to close and right to open.

Regardless of which adjuster you decide, we always recommend that you open each section evenly in small amounts and building up to large expansions of the body.

Can I pin directly through the model?

Our models are designed for you to pin parallel to the fabric and not directly into them.

How do I use a trouser/leg form?

Leg forms (like the Olivia, Sew Deluxe & Male) feature an additional column that enables the creation of trousers.

You can do this by unsecuring and lifting the model off the pole, checking underneath and sliding the pole into the off-set column (the one not in the middle).

This prevents the pole from being in the centre where the crotch should be and lets you hang trousers in their natural position.